Jun. 25th, 2012

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Title: Birthday
Fandom: Written with the Young Justice cartoon in mind, but could easily fit into any DCU verse that has Tim
Pairing: Gen
Wordcount: 2265
Summary: So I've been participating in this mildly shitty Tumblr roleplay as Tim. And it's been lots of fun despite the fact that I don't fit in all that well in this fandom (so many canonships, not enough batcest). Anyway, someone on the RP request a time in which Tim had to deliver a baby. And I'd been meaning to write that fic *forever*. Because if there's anything I'm enthusiastic about it's Childbirth and Robin (not at once, usually). Anyway, be warned that this fic came out a little bit... technical. I use the word "endometrium" at least once. I may had said "placenta" as well.

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