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Title: I Hope This Gets to You
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Booster Gold/Bart Allen
Rating/Warnings: Rated PG for gooey romance
Word Count:347
Summary: Written for the awesome and talented [profile] justmissjac. Merry Christmas BB.

Booster receives the first letter taped to his bathroom mirror. It's in a plain white envelope and has his name written across the front and contains a single piece of paper with a single word written on it.

The second letter is leaning against the milk in the fridge and is written in Esperanto on lilac paper with a calligraphy pen.

The third is in his shoes. The fourth is written on a tiny roll of paper and shoved into the index finger of his glove. The fifth comes in the form of an animated email.

The sixth and seventh show up on opposite sides of the newspaper, covering up the end of the article Booster had been reading.

The eight appears in the foam of his sundollars latte.

By the time he comes home in the evening, Booster has nearly eighty different messages. He spreads them out in front of him as he sits on the kitchen floor, reading them separately and together and smiling as hard as he's ever smiled. Each one contains only a single word, although they are not all the same. "Love" "Trust" "happiness" and other, harder to describe, feelings written in nearly every language imaginable.

One is written in what appears to be binary code, while another is in braille, created by pushing a pencil through the paper.

One very important piece of paper bears the 25th century word for the feeling of a younger man to his older lover, for whom he feels gratitude but not debt.

Bart arrives at Booster's apartment as the sun is setting. He's grown nearly two inches since they first had sex in a broom closet in the JLA watchtower. He's not the sexy but flighty kid Booster had thought he was a year ago.

Well, he's still sexy, and he's still flighty. But he's Booster's now and that's what counts.

"Happy anniversary." Bart says as Booster pulls him down to the linoleum floor and into a grateful kiss.

Booster smiles into the curve of Bart's lips.

"Happy anniversary."

Title: Safe
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating/Warnings: Rated R for BDSM themes.
Word Count: 398
Summary: Written for my XO. I know it's not comeslut!Jaime, but I hope this suffices.

Tim never makes a noise at the beginning of the night. He appears at Jason's rat-trap apartment without a word and waits for Jason to acknowledge his presence. He doesn't mention the Mission. Doesn't talk about Jason's most recent infraction against The Rules. Just strips down and lets Jason secure his hands into the gauntlets and the gauntlets to the ceiling. Remains lax and calm and quiet as Jason binds his feet to the solid metal loops in the floor and turns on music that is mildly rhythmic and unrecognizable.

Tim doesn't say a word until Jason has brought the fifth strong cane strike down on the backs of his thighs and even then it's only to gasp, to whimper.

But somewhere around strikes eight and thirteen (and he should really know exactly when because Jason makes him count), Tim starts to talk. Words stream from his lips like tears. He says he's happy, he says he's sorry, he babbles at Jason to stop, to go, to never ever let him out of this moment.

And Jason keeps hitting him with that cane. Thudding lightly and then followed by a few intensely painful stings and then back to something bearable until Tim can no longer tell quite how hard they're falling or quite where. On his thighs? His ass? a few sharp taps across his achingly hard cock?

Tim cries. Sobs and begs for something but he doesn't know what it is. Begs until he can't beg anymore.

And when Tim stops talking again, his body tingling and throbbing and his mind swimming and he's not sure if he came or not, Jason gently takes him out of his restraints and leads him to the old mattress and pile of blankets that is Jason's bed. They lie together and Tim finishes crying while Jason takes the time (the only time he ever takes) to curl around Tim's body and drop kisses on the top of his head and lick the tears from Tim's face.

Before they drift off to sleep Tim leans in to whisper into Jason's ear. It might be something important. It might be that crucial declaration of love. But Jason is the only one to hear it, and he doesn't repeat it back. They drift off that way, wrapped around each other against the outside world.

And in the morning, Tim doesn't say a word.

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Oh wow, I really liked the Bart/booster pairing. Totally unexpected and I never seen one before.
But, as much as I liked the first one I LOVED the Jason/Tim fic (bless my Domme soul). The idea that Jason represents such safety and security in light of the edgey scene is brilliant and hawt.
Thank you for sharing and I pray you a Merry Christmas Holyday