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Title: Kiss with a Fist
Fandom: Young Justice (cartoon)
Pairing: Ollie/Roy
Rating/Warnings: Rated R for strong language and misery
Word Count: 503
Summary: written for the yj_anon_meme

Artemis knows that Roy hates her the moment she meets him. The cold glare in his eyes when he realizes who she is and who she's working with is sort of hard to forget. She figures she'll most likely never see him again, that his anger is the kind that stays cold and distant and never gives up.

She realizes how wrong she is when she shows up at Ollie's penthouse a few days later to show him her new arrow design, only to find that Roy has dropped by for a visit.

They're already fighting when she lets herself in.

"--not fucking her! You sick little--"

"--Don't you say you're not fucking her, you son of a bitch! You think I don't know you?"

"Apparently not, If you think I--"

"--What, does she suck cock better that I did? Is that it?"

"She's not sucking my cock, you little fucker. I don't even--"

"I know what you look like when you're fucking someone. I've got enough practice telling when you're banging some bitch--"

There's a crash, it sounds like a plate, but it could be one of Ollie's wine glasses. Artemis isn't sure.  She's tempted to leave them to it but the ferocity of their words, and her curiosity, keep her poised at the door.

"Don't you dare speak about her that way!" Ollie screams.

There's another crash.  Artemis winces. 

"Which her? How many hers have there been, Ollie?"

"You know what I mean. I'm not fucking cheating on you, Roy, and they don't deserve that--"

"You're not cheating on me because we're not together! Doesn't mean you aren't screwing that little girl you sick piece of shit. Don't fucking come near me." 


"No!" Something louder crashes and Artemis says a fond farewell to Ollie's glass tabletop. "Fuck you. I loved you--"

"I love you now!" Artemis is surprised, a bit, that Ollie can throw that word as if it were a curse, "And I can't stop apologizing for what happened with Dinah, Roy, I can't make that go away. But I'm not fucking Artemis and you need to--" 

"I said don't touch me!" There's a crack. A sound that Artemis recognizes easily. Someone's just been hit in the face.

There's a long pause. Artemis hears only the heavy breathing of the two men in the room and the crunch of glass under heavy boots.

"I hate you." Roy says finally, his voice dull and calm once more. "I-- God, Ollie." 

There's silence again, then the sound of the window opening as Roy leaves.

Artemis slowly moves into the kitchen. The glass table is, indeed, destroyed. Pieces of glass and porcelain cover the floor and in the center of it all, sitting on the floor against the counter, is Ollie.  His head is tilted back, his eyes closed.

His nose is bleed freely down his face.

He notices her presence. But the look in his eyes stops her short. 

He's crying. 

Artemis leaves her arrows by the door and goes home. 


Dog Days are Over

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Oh, Ollie! Loved this. Love the Artemis POV. I just marathoned the YJ toon and this is exactly the angsty heartbreaky relationship I can imagine going on between Ollie and Roy behind the scene.

Hmm, I only have an SV!Ollie icon.