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So in addition to writing three papers in a day and a half (four more to go! yay!) I've recently stumbled upon and gotten addicted to A Softer DCU, which remixes my two favorite things.  Not only did I spend an inordinate amount of time reading through the old ones, but I decided to make some of my own. Which I then posted to my brand new tumblr.

For those of you who don't getting addicted to social networking sites like they were bubblegum crack, my new creations are posted below.
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Finals are over! Which means that I can once again write fic and not papers! YAY!

To celebrate the occasion I bring forth a new prompty meme:

Go to and hit refresh until you find one that suits your fancy. Then post it in your comment along with a fandom or pairing of your choice. Feel free to mess withe the pronouns.

EXAMPLE: (DCU)(Tim/Dick) He's a lounge-singing dishevelled cat burglar trapped in a world he never made. He's a cosmopolitan gypsy barmaid from aristocratic European stock. They fight crime!

Fandoms I write are as follows: Star Trek, DC Comics, Naruto, X-Men, an anime I've seen.

For those of you who still have prompts that I haven't filled since the last time I did this... well maybe someday that will happen.

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Title: Brotherly Love
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Roy/Tim
Rating/Warnings: Rated PG-13 for Smithy's Dick's little brother
Word Count: 180
Summary: in the form of a Text From Last Night

I want you to know three things )

Title: Bubble-wrap
Fandom: DCU (Teen Titans)
Pairing: Bart/Kon/Tim
Rating/Warnings: Rated R for sexual ingenuity
Word Count: 350
Summary: In the form of a TFLN

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Title: Heritage Month
Fandom: Star Trek TOS/Star Trek XI (pick your naked Scottishman!)
Pairing: SCONES (Scotty/Bones)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, crack, silliness, nudity
Word Count: 565
Note: Written for [ profile] cards_slash as part of my Rock, Paper, Cynic Fanfic Meme. Also written for the "Public Nudity" square of my [ profile] trek_crackbingo card. Multitasking!

Summary in the form of a comic! )

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Title: Guilt
Fandom: DCU
Characters/Pairing: Tim/Kon
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions of non-con, even more sex(ish?)pollen, cliched as hell
Wordcount: 1006

Summary: Squel to This Fic
The summary comes in the form of a comic! )

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Title: Skinless
Fandom: DCU
Characters/Parings: Mentions of Tim/Kon
Wordcount: 842
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sex pollen, angst, unashamed lack of continuity

Summary: In the form of a comic )

They find him huddled in the back of the cave... )
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Title: Nine to Five
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings: Neji/Naruto, Neji/The whole of Konoha, Yoshino Nara/Shikaku Nara/Other folks
Warnings: PURE CRACK. It does not get Crackier than this. There is no canon here. There is only Slut!Neji and Shikamaru's parents.
Wordcount: 1105
Note: Written for [profile] kallie_starmist for the Softer World Prompt Meme

The summary comes in the form of a comic )

Good morning, you've reached Nara and Nara: Professional Punishment, Abductions, and Fantasy Fulfillment. May I help you? )