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Title: Birthday
Fandom: Written with the Young Justice cartoon in mind, but could easily fit into any DCU verse that has Tim
Pairing: Gen
Wordcount: 2265
Summary: So I've been participating in this mildly shitty Tumblr roleplay as Tim. And it's been lots of fun despite the fact that I don't fit in all that well in this fandom (so many canonships, not enough batcest). Anyway, someone on the RP request a time in which Tim had to deliver a baby. And I'd been meaning to write that fic *forever*. Because if there's anything I'm enthusiastic about it's Childbirth and Robin (not at once, usually). Anyway, be warned that this fic came out a little bit... technical. I use the word "endometrium" at least once. I may had said "placenta" as well.

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 So a while ago I wrote this one-off quick thing which was my attempt at putting Kon into the Smallville verse. It was called Genesis and it was super short and quick and I liked it.

... and then I wrote more. Here it is:

Title: Genesis [Part 2]
Fandom: DCU (Smallville)
Characters: Lex Luthor, Conner Luthor
Word Count: 495
Summary: Life is, alien superpowers notwithstanding, disgustingly domestic.


Conner is four years old... )


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Title: Duplicity [Part 3/?]
Fandom: Young Justice (Cartoon)
Pairing: Dick/Wally, Tim/Superboy
Wordcount: 2798 words
Summary: Tim has never really minded that Dick was the one assigned to work with the other teenage heroes. But when he has to pretend to be Dick and join the team himself, he realizes that he was missing out on a lot more than he thought.

Written for the YJ-anon-meme, this version has been seriously revised

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Title: Duplicity [Part 2]
Fandom: Young Justice (Cartoon)
Pairing: Dick/Wally, Tim/Superboy
Wordcount: 1776 words
Summary: Tim has never really minded that Dick was the one assigned to work with the other teenage heroes. But when he has to pretend to be Dick and join the team himself, he realizes that he was missing out on a lot more than he thought. Written for the YJ-anon-meme, this version has been seriously revised.

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WIP Dump!

Dec. 6th, 2011 01:19 pm
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So I've decided to finally give up on a few of the WIPs that have been languishing on my computer for ages.  I thought I might just post what I have, in the interest of not letting those hours of writing go to waste. Also because I might some day want to pick up on one of them... maybe.

Anyway, BE WARNEDNot one of these babies is finished.  Most of them stop abruptly. Many of them are total crap. None of them are edited. Sorry.

Title: Jason! And Tim!
: DCU (Tiny Titans/Teen Titans)
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Wordcount: 422

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Title: The One Where Sherlock and Tim Become BFFs
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes/DCU
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Tim/Kon
Word Count: 1139

Title: The One Where Bart is Slowly Dying and Wally is a Total Asshole
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Bart/Tim
Wordcount: 729

Title: Bart Allen: Time Traveling Sex Therapist
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Bart Allen/Roy Harper
Word Count:
In the interest of continuing your existence and your operation on the side of good, I've been deployed to help you understand that life is worth living. )

Title: Dread Pirate
Fandoms: Star Trek 2009/DCU
Pairing: Booster Gold/Jim Kirk, Bones/???
Word Count: 1109

Title: The One Where J'onn Goes into Pon Farr and Asks Wally to be His Babydaddy
Fandom: Justice League (animated)
Pairing: J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter)/Wally West (The Flash)
Word Count:  1090

Title: The PWP Where Chekov has a Humiliation Kink
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Chekov/Pike
Word Count: 963

Title: Come Together
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Christine Chapel/Gaila
Word Count: 1188
Christine Chapel was not a nymphomaniac. )

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Title: Duplicity [Part 1]
Fandom: Young Justice (Cartoon)
Pairing: Dick/Wally, Tim/Superboy
Wordcount: 3435 words
Summary: Tim has never really minded that Dick was the one assigned to work with the other teenage heroes. But when he has to pretend to be Dick and join the team himself, he realizes that he was missing out on a lot more than he thought. Written for the YJ-anon-meme, this version has been seriously revised.

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So in addition to writing three papers in a day and a half (four more to go! yay!) I've recently stumbled upon and gotten addicted to A Softer DCU, which remixes my two favorite things.  Not only did I spend an inordinate amount of time reading through the old ones, but I decided to make some of my own. Which I then posted to my brand new tumblr.

For those of you who don't getting addicted to social networking sites like they were bubblegum crack, my new creations are posted below.
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Title: Immorality with a Side of Toast
Fandom: DC-canon/Young Justice (cartoon)
Pairing: Jason/Dick
Rating/Warnings: Rated R for inappropriate sexual behavior between a criminal and an underage superhero
Word Count: 701
Summary: Written for the YJ_anon_meme which asked for an underage Dick Grayson crushing on cross-dimensional Jason.

Jason Todd liked to think of himself as an aficionado of bizarre shit.  )
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Title: Nesting (Interlude 3)
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating/Warnings: Rated NC-17 for explicit sexuality and D/s themes
Word Count: 324
Summary: Orgasm Request Form

Image and fic behind the cut )

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Title: Nesting (Interlude 2)
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating/Warning: Rated PG-13 for mild sexyness and BDSM themes.
Word Count: 346
Summary: Domestic Servant Check List

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Title: Nesting (Interlude 1)
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating/Warnings: Rated PG-13 for mildly sexual things and cute
Word Count: 182
Summary: Safe Words & Gestures, sequel to Nestbuilding

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Title: Chafed
Fandom: DCU (Teen Titans)
Pairing: Bart/Bart's Hand, Bart/Kon/(Tim)
Rating and Warnings: Rated R for sexytimes
Word Count: 1212
Summary: In which Impulse discovers sex and there is much rejoicing. Based on THIS

Bart Allen is fifteen years old. )
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Two things I have realized after reading Teen Titans #91:

1. Damian is Rose's gay best friend.

2. In my mind, Damian has forever been replaced by the latino houseboy from The Bird Cage.

I don't know exactly where this came from but every time he and Rose appear in a panel together I can imagine him saying "You ree~eally need to get yourself some nice clothes, chica. Nobody going to sleep with that hot mess."

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Title: Nest Building
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Tim/Jason
Rating/Warnings: Rated NC-17 for D/s, smut, erotic humiliation and Jason's pottymouth
Word Count: 4053 words
Summary: In which Jason acquires a houseboy and Tim gets a new Mission. Sort of a sequel to Safe.

Note: This fic, like many, exists in the nebulous universe where all of the people I like are alive and all the people I don't like only show up when I need them too and I mention canon events only incorrectly and in passing. Be warned.
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Title: The Untitled High School Cliche Fic
Fandom: DCU (HSAU)
Pairing: Booster/Ted
Rating/Warnings: PG for adorable gay boys in high school
Word Count: 821
Summary: Written for the [ profile] boostle kinkmeme prompt: "Booster is the High School Football Hero who has a major thing for science geek Ted."

In which Booster is kind of a stalker )

TBC when I get around to it...
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Title: Nips
Fandom: Teen Titans (The first ones!)
Pairing: Dick/Roy (sort of)
Rating/Warnings: PG for body piercing and hormones
Word Count: 249
Summary: (617): My nipple rings set off the metal detector at the courthouse this morning.

When did Roy get nipple rings? )

Title: Nothing Happened
Fandom: Teen Titans
Pairing: Tim/Kon/Bart (sort of)
Rating/Warning: Rated PG for burning
Word Count: 187
Summary: Don't worry, nothing happened....but we should have a fire extinguisher here.

Something is very, very wrong )

Title: Future Shock
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Jason/Tim Jason/Bruce
Rating/Warnings: rated PG-13 for cursing and time travel
Word Count: 558 words
Summary:(917): Holy cold harsh reality of sobriety batman

Jason is not used to waking up in palces he doesn't recognize )
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So my XO made me what is possibly the coolest gift I have ever received as part of my stocking this year. I took pictures a while ago but I only just got around to posting them. Sorry for the not-so-great image quality, I took these pictures with my phone:

On the fic-related front, I am still writing despite a pretty heavy schedule. I am teaching a course this month on Star Trek which is taking up the majority of my fan-related creative time. But there is still fic coming. Really.

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Title: Genesis
Fandom: DCU (Smallville)
Pairing/Characters: Lex Luthor
Word Count: 326
Summary: My attempt at putting Connor into smallville-verse. If you're expecting something that meshes well with SV cannon, this isn't it.

The Luthor family had a specific set of rules when it came to the naming of children. )
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Title: Baby's Booster's First Christmas
Fandom: DCU
Characters/Pairing: Booster/Ted
Rating/Warnings:Rated PG for Sickening shmoop.
Word Count: 599
Summary: Booster learns about the meaning of Christmas. Hint: It's "presents"

Booster didn't really know what was going on. )

Title: Home for the Holidays
Fandom: DCU
Characters/Pairing: Booster/Ted, Jaime Reyes
Rating/Warnings: Sadness, dead!Ted angst
Word Count: 1126
Summary: Jaime finds out that not everyone is quite so happy during the holiday season.

Awkward. )
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Title: I Hope This Gets to You
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Booster Gold/Bart Allen
Rating/Warnings: Rated PG for gooey romance
Word Count:347
Summary: Written for the awesome and talented [profile] justmissjac. Merry Christmas BB.
Summary in the form of a video )

I hope this gets to you )

Title: Safe
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating/Warnings: Rated R for BDSM themes.
Word Count: 398
Summary: Written for my XO. I know it's not comeslut!Jaime, but I hope this suffices.

Tim doesn't say a word )