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Fanfiction Masterlist )
DC Comics
Baby's Booster's First Christmas (Booster/Ted, 599 words)
Chafed (Bart/Bart's Hand, Bart/Kon/Tim, 1212 words)
Ficlets from Last Night (Roy/Tim and Tim/Bart/Kon, 530 words)
Ficlets from Last Night II: Son of Ficlets from Last Night (Dick/Roy, Tim/Kon/Bart, Jason/Tim, Jason/Bruce)
Five Moments (Jaime/Khaji Da, 1242 words)
Genesis (Smallville-verse Lex Luthor, 326 words)
Giftmas Ficlets (containing Booster/Bart and Jason/Tim, ~800 words)
Goons (Robin/Hotcops, 355 words)
Home for the Holidays (Jaime, Booster/Ted, 1126 words)
Needs (Tim Drake, 644 words)
The Three Little Robins (Batman/Robin!Pile, 1k words)

The Untitled High School Cliche Fic 
(Booster/Ted, 823 words)
[Part 1]  [Part 2]

Skinless-Verse  (Tim Drake/Kon-El, ~2k words)

Un-Dysphoria-Verse  (Tim/Kon, Bart/Couture, ~6k words)
Out of Time-Verse  (Booster Gold/Bart Allen, 5600 words)
Out of Time
On the One Hand
There Will Be Pie   
[Part 1]   [Part 2]  [Part 3]

Robins' Nest
  (Jason/Tim, D/s, ~5k words)

Fills for the Rarepair Comics Kink Meme
(Containing Booster/Bart, Bart/Jason, Jaime/Khaji Da, and a Young Justice Orgy)
More Fills for the Rarepair Comics Kink Meme (Containing YJ:TAS Wally/Dick and Kon/Jaime)

Young Justice (Animated)
Bonding Time (Catwoman/Artemis, Roy/Cheshire, Dick/Wally, ~3k words)
Immorality with a Side of Toast (Comics crossover, Dick/Jason, 701 words)
Pretty Much Nothing but Filthy Porn (Dick/Wally/Superboy, ~1k words)
Something Very Naughty (Roy/Ollie, D/s, ~1k words)

Duplicity (AU/comics fusion, Dick/Wally, Tim/Superboy, ~5k words)
[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]

Endless (Crossover with Sandman, ~2k words )
Aponoia (Roy)
Olethros (Superboy)

Harper and the Machine  (Roy/Ollie, ~2k words )
Revelations (Dick/Wally, ~2k words)
Gundam Wing
Moot Ants (Gundam Wing/X-men fusion, 852 words)

The Harry Potter/Gundam Wing Crossover of the Ever Shifting Title  (5x13, Wufei/Remus Lupin, ~6k words)

The Scenery Series 
(4x3x2, 2x1, D/s, ~4k words)


The Nara Sex Dungeon-Verse  (Neji/Naruto, Neji/The Village, Yoshino Nara/Shikaku Nara/Neji, 2400 words)
Star Trek
A Love Story, Of Sorts (Scotty/Keenser, ~2k words)
(Kirk/Bones friendship, 633 words)
A Very Torrid Affair (Enterprise/Chekov, 1k words)
Con Magic (AU , Chekov/Sulu, ~2k words)
Desire (Scotty/Sandwiches, 362 words)
Fangirl (Spock's Mom/Uhura, ~1k words)
For Great Science (Star Trek/Kingdom Hearts Crossover, Chekov/Donald Duck, 1315 words)
Heritage Month (Scotty/Bones, 565 words)
Switching: Gender Swich Drabbles(various characters and pairings, 700 words)
Mechanophilia (Scotty/Vehicles, Scotty/Enterprise, ~1k words)
Mother of Invention (Soctty/Keenser, 1k words)
Scones and Tea (Scotty/Bones, ~2k words)
Silken (Kirk/Spock, ~1k words)
 This is not a McChekov Fic  (Scotty/Archer, ~2k words)

Tentacle Smut  {Chekov/Scotty/tentacles, Kirk/Tentacle Monster, Kirk/Spock, ~3k words)
 Rocket Boys (Star Trek/Final Fantasy VII Crossover, Chekov/Cid, Chekov/Bones, ~6k words)
[Part 1]  [Part 2]

 The Ensign Jailbait Series (Chekov/Everyone, 2400 words)

You've Got Growing Up to Do:
Past and Future (Kirk/Spock pre-slash, Kirk Prime/Spock Prime, ~1k words)

Various comment-fic written for Ship Wars (Star Trek, multiple pairings)
The Rock, Paper, Cynic Prompt Meme (
Containing Scotty/Bones, Jim/Bones, and Trek Friendship)


Random Fandoms and Crossovers
For Vampires who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf (BTVS/Angel, Spike, 368 words)
Gokudera/Dokugakuji (Hitman Reborn/Saiyuki Crossover, 338 words)
Misfire (Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Twitter, @fireprince_zuko/@boomerang_boy, 140 words)
The Space Office Returns (Weiss Kreuz, Gen, 527 words)
The Softer World Prompt Meme (Containing Scotty/Uhura, Aya/Yohji (Weiss Kreuz), and Neji/Orochimaru/Jiraiya/Sai (Naruto))