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Title: Genesis
Fandom: DCU (Smallville)
Pairing/Characters: Lex Luthor
Word Count: 326
Summary: My attempt at putting Connor into smallville-verse. If you're expecting something that meshes well with SV cannon, this isn't it.

The Luthor family had a specific set of rules when it came to the naming of children. The name must be alliterative. It should contain some sort of reference to royalty. It should be the sort of name with which one could, potentially, take over the world.

Lex's father had been something of an outlier in that Lex's given name actually began with an 'a' (horrors!), but the historical reference made up for it and soon enough no one even remembered that 'Lex' was short for 'Alexander'.

The long, convoluted, history of baby names that is the Luthor family is, strangely, the first thing that pops in to Lex's mind when he first catches sight of the artificially created infant that is his son.

In actuality it comes up simultaneously with the slow volcanic burn of Lex's temper and the cold reality that his father will have to die for this. Not that Lex isn't overjoyed (confused, shattered, frightened, transcendentally happy) to be holding the tiny form of his son (his son!) in his arms, but the truth remains that Lex cannot allow Lionel Luthor to exist in the same world as his child. No matter how pleased Lex is, Lionel will have to die for making this happen, and die to protect the infant in Lex's arms.

The bastard decided to mix his genetics with (oh god, Clark) the Übermensch, after all.

This failure of parentage, Lex reminds himself, is not the child's fault. The child is perfect, as any child of Lex's should be.

And, Lex thinks as he walks away from the burning rubble of Cadmus Labs (previously under the ownership of Luthorcorp), he will be loved far more than any Luthor child has been loved before.

For a brief moment Lex considers the possibilities; Luis, Leeroy, Leon, Llyr.

Lex looks at the long, winding road that is his family history, mentally tells them to go fuck themselves, and names his son "Conner".

on 2010-12-28 02:06 am (UTC)
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I haven't been reading my comics lately, but I have no problem integrating this into Smallville canon. Maybe my memory's not so good.

Of course, I think it happened the natural way. No test tubes needed!


on 2010-12-28 02:23 am (UTC)
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Lex had a collection of Clarky stuff and at one point had a test tube of his blood, which went missing. Right? I stopped watching in season five. But he easily had some of Clark's DNA.

I still say Conner happened the natural way. Because I'm dirty, and I'm a Clark/Lex shipper.

on 2010-12-28 01:11 pm (UTC)
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Hee! I accept your terms. That story would be awesome.

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Your mind, YOUR MIND...
you do know they have a cream for that don't you?