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 So a while ago I wrote this one-off quick thing which was my attempt at putting Kon into the Smallville verse. It was called Genesis and it was super short and quick and I liked it.

... and then I wrote more. Here it is:

Title: Genesis [Part 2]
Fandom: DCU (Smallville)
Characters: Lex Luthor, Conner Luthor
Word Count: 495
Summary: Life is, alien superpowers notwithstanding, disgustingly domestic.


Conner is four years old the first time he puts his fist through a solid wood door. Lex spends a good twenty minutes freaking out privately while Mercy keeps his son happily distracted with dinosaurs and ritz crackers.

It's an adjustment. Much like the baby-proofing extravaganza that had occurred in the first few months after Conner's birth. Lex spends a few days replacing all of the truly valuable works of art and furniture in the penthouse and Mercy designs a number of toys to teach Conner the difference between holding and crushing. Lex rewatches all of the footage he has of Cl-- Superman's various talents and frets about the possibility of Conner developing heat vision. Conner learns to write his name in bright red crayon and becomes the official jar-opener for the Luthor household.

Lex thinks about calling Cl-- The Übermensch but eventually decides against it.  He tries to believe that it is for the wellbeing and protection of his child, but he is forced to admit to himself that he fears what will happen if Kent decides that Lex is unfit.  He hasn't seriously considered dialing Martha Kent since Conner was eight months old.

Life is, alien superpowers notwithstanding, disgustingly domestic. Mercy uses her years of training in martial arts and espionage to play hide-and-seek with a giggling toddler. Lex finds himself looking into gigantic blue eyes and saying, “not now, Daddy is trying to take over the world” and spends a good hour chastising himself for using the third person.

Conner grows, and laughs, and learns, and occasionally screams. Lex, completely out of his depth, works out his anxiety by destroying competing corporations and the occasional island nation.

They decide on homeschooling on the basis that Conner sometimes destroys furniture by accident, and because Lex has yet to make his son's existence known to the public.

When Conner is four and a half he ask Lex if Mercy is his mother and Lex says no. Conner asks who his mother is. Lex tells him exactly where he came from and who his other parent is, because he has never lied to his son and never plans to. They go out for ice cream and Conner orders a scoop of blueberry and a scoop of 'the red one' and they blend together into a muddy brown on his face.

Lex takes Conner on vacation to Hawaii while the contractors finish lining the walls of the penthouse with (carefully insulated) lead. He has his entire collection of kryptonite moved to a remote location off the San Francisco coast.

When Conner is almost five, Lex receives word that Lionel Luthor has finally passed away from what appears to be heavy metal poisoning. The cause is never confirmed, but the doctors inform him that it was most likely environmental causes. Lex makes noises about having his father's old house investigated and takes Conner to Metropolis Central Park to celebrate.

Conner spends the entire trip watching the sky.

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