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 So a while ago I wrote this one-off quick thing which was my attempt at putting Kon into the Smallville verse. It was called Genesis and it was super short and quick and I liked it.

... and then I wrote more. Here it is:

Title: Genesis [Part 2]
Fandom: DCU (Smallville)
Characters: Lex Luthor, Conner Luthor
Word Count: 495
Summary: Life is, alien superpowers notwithstanding, disgustingly domestic.


Conner is four years old... )


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Title: Bonding Time (or Six Villains who Can Be Slightly Less Than Villainous On Some Occasions)
Fandom: Young Justice the Cartoon (with a sprinkling of DCU and Smallville mixed in)
Pairing: Mild, non-graphic Catwoman/Artemis, Roy/Cheshire, and Dick/Wally
Rating/Warnings: PG for people getting along
Word Count: 3263
Summary: Written for the YJ_anon meme prompt asking for various villains having a favorite sidekick

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Title: Genesis
Fandom: DCU (Smallville)
Pairing/Characters: Lex Luthor
Word Count: 326
Summary: My attempt at putting Connor into smallville-verse. If you're expecting something that meshes well with SV cannon, this isn't it.

The Luthor family had a specific set of rules when it came to the naming of children. )