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So I wrote a whole bunch of fills for [ profile] rarecomicskink. I'm addicted to this shit. Srsly. It might be time to stop.

Title: Green Queen
Pairing: Bruce/Jason
Rating/Warnings: Rated PG-13 for inappropriateness
Word Count: 660

They don't even know there's a problem until the newspaper comes out on Sunday morning. Splashed across the cover of the Gotham Gazette is a blurry picture of Jason, laughing and swinging (his form is wrong) on a jumpline above one of Gotham's better-lit streets. The frame of the picture is neatly centered on the curve of Jason's thigh and the headline reads, in bold, accusatory text:


Bruce, reading it over breakfast, chokes on his coffee.

"What?" Jason is leaning over his shoulder before he has the chance to hide the picture.

His reaction is not exactly what Bruce would have preferred.

"Ha!" He laughs, "Look at this! They've centered right onto the place where you got me with the cane!"

Bruce lets his head fall into his hands and sighs. Nothing is going to stop this picture from getting to Lesley. He'll have to send her so many flowers before she starts talking to him again. Alfred is going to see it. Alfred has probably already seen it.


"Is that a bite mark I see? That's definitely a bite mark."


"Ohmigod, Boss, listen to this--"


"'It is clear that Robin is the victim of repeated instances of sexual violence, most likely perpetrated by The Batman himself.'"

Bruce coughs.

"'Allegations of child endangerment!'"


"What? This shit is gold"

Bruce gives his partner the sort of Bat-look that used to make Dick wither but just makes Jason laugh harder.

"Don't be sad, BB, everyone important knows that you would never hurt me."

"Really?" And that isn't Jason or Alfred speaking. It's too early for this.

"Clark. Baby. Long time no see."

Bruce glares at Jason. Clark is giving him that 'boy is this awkward' look that means he's about to start meddling in their lives again.

"Do you think I could talk to Bruce alone?" Clark asks Jason.

"No." Jason, the confrontational twink that he is, slides into Bruce's lap instead. And steals his coffee.

Clark sighs. He's blushing. That's never a good sign.

"I saw the paper this morning."

Of course he did. "Hm."

"Bruce. Jason. I need to know if there's anything... um.. going on here because they've asked the JLA for a statement and--"

Bruce growls.

"It's okay Boss," Jason says, "I've got this. No comment."

Superman shifts on his feet a little, "'No comment' isn't exactly--"

"Are you sure you want me to comment?"

Clark blinks, "Yes?"

Jason grins, "The marks are from a short rattan cane which was used in the course of a completely consensual sexual encounter. We have a safe-word and everything. It's 'Green Queen', in case you were wondering. I am not being abused and I am happy just where I am. You can tell your newspaper that and any other newspaper that happens to come along."

Clark looks a little bit like he's choked on kryptonite cereal.

"Actually." Bruce says with his best Bat-voice, "You can tell them 'no comment'."

Clark nods. He's gone in a moment, and Bruce lets his glower drop a little.

"Well." Jason says, "That was a nice way to start the morning. Now why don't we go make some more rumors?"

He rolls off of Bruce's lap and into a handstand on the kitchen table, showing off the dark blue marks on his (perfect) thighs before dismounting on to the floor.

"No gymnastics in the kitchen." Bruce reminds him sternly.

"Oops." Jason says, "It looks like I've been a bad Robin. Why don't you punish me?"

And Bruce does just that.

Title: Never Have I Ever
Pairing: Young Justice (it's totally a pairing!)
Rating/Warnings: Rated PG-13 for teens talking about sexytimes.
Word Count: 365

It's kind of sad that as a speedster, Bart will never be able to get completely drunk.

"Never have I ever masturbated where any member of the JLA could find me."

Bart drinks. So do Tim and Kon, but really the important hing is that Bart drinks just like he has for every. single. round.

"Never have I ever masturbated in the Watchtower."

Bart drinks.

"You've only been there once!" Cissie cries, throwing her hands up in distress.

"Yeah." Bart says, "I took my one shot and I ran with it."

"Never have I ever... masturbated in the Titans Tower."

"You guys have to stop it with the masturbation ones, seriously." Bart says after he swallows. Kon drinks silently.

"You guys are so gross!" Cissie cries. Hidden neatly out of Cissie's line of sight, Cassie takes a long pull of her drink.

They've liberated the alcohol from Vic's stash in his lab ("Never have I ever drunk alcohol in the Tower") and most of them are getting pleasantly drunk. Well, Tim is drinking juice but he never counts anyway. The living room is piled with pillows and sleeping bags. Tim has even taken off his cape.

It is, in Bart's opinion, seriously nice.

"Never have I ever ma--" Suzie pauses, "Fantasized about someone in this room."

Everyone drinks.


"What!" Kon cries, "We're teenagers"

"Yeah!" Bart nods far too vigorously, "Really attractive, muscly, spandex-clad teenagers."

Robin raises an eyebrow.


Never have I ever..." Cassie says, making significant eye contact with everyone in the circle, "Actually made out with anyone here."

Three people drink.

"Ohmigod!" Cassie cries and then, with a sudden burst of inspiration, "Never have I ever slept with anyone here."

Tim and Kon look around the room for a moment before simultaneously downing the end of both their drinks.

"What?" Bart looks back and forth between his two best (male) friends, "You guys had sex without me?"

Kon shrugs. Tim looks guilty.

"You guys had sex?!" Cissie cries.

"We need to fix this right now."

"Bart" Suzie says with a glower, "This is a sleepover, not an orgy."

"That." Bart says as he starts removing his pajama top, "Is what you think."

Title: Good Idea/Bad Idea
Pairing: Booster/Bart
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for (possibly illegal) sex
Word count: 253

This was a horrible idea.

"This is a horrible idea." Booster said, gasping as hands slid across the front of his costume, looking for a way in.

"It's fine." The kid told him, "It'stotallyfine. Just. Don't. Stop."

Booster could feel those same hands finding the nearly-invisible seam in his suit, pushing the shirt up and the tights down and headed for his cock.

Something was nagging Booster. Something very important and not at all sexy. Something about... A horrible idea? He was a little busy with the tongue worming it's way into his mouth, so he ignored it.

"Fuck!" and suddenly there was a tongue working it's way down his penis.

"This... this is..."

"This is a good idea."

Bart had a point.

"Okay." Booster gasped, "Okay. We're fine. We're good."

"Yeah." The kid was nodding around his cock, which was a pretty good argument all things considered.

"It's not like we're actually, you know, fucking." Booster pointed out. That sort of thing seemed to hold some weight in the current century, as though penetration was somehow a level up from having an underage speedster suck his dick. He didn't get it, really, but it was bound to be a good excuse.

"Mmmhmmm." Humming. Booster felt his head fall back against the wall with a heavy thud.

"And It's just this once, right? Just once."

Bart deepthroated him in agreement. While vibrating.

Booster came. An hour later, in a hotel room this time, with his cock in Bart's ass, he was coming again.

Title: Angel
Pairing: Jason-Todd/Bart Allen
Rating/Warnings: Rated NC-17 for SEX
Word Count: 1048

It's a lot like, all of a sudden, Jason has acquired a shoulder-angel of his very own. Only instead of wings the angel has little golden head-feathers, and instead of good advice the angel has ADD.

Also, He's annoying.

"If you do that." His angel whispers, his breath ghosting over Jason's ear, "I'll pout."

"What?!" Jason growls, dropping the gun from where it had previously been pointed at the head of a restrained gangster.

"I said 'I'll pout'." Kid Flash says petulantly. He's standing beside Jason with a cocked hip and his lip just slightly jutting out. "I'll stand in front of you with the biggest pout, like, ever, and you won't be able to look away because I'll just keep moving in front of you."

Jason feels a rush of anger and... guilt? Arousal? He can't tell.

"And if you close your eyes I'll whimper until you open them again."

The kid has huge eyes. Jason shuffles his feet a little and looks at the terrified mafioso. Looks at Bart (still just this side of pouting).

Jason lets out a frustrated growl and shoots the gangster in the foot.


Bart grins and hugs him. Hugs him. "I'm proud of you."

The problem with speedsters is that they dodge bullets.

Jason is leaving the man in the chair (he's not going to kill him thanks to his personal cherubim, but he's not obligated to keep the guy from bleeding to death either) and heads for his apartment. He's alone the whole way, and the apartment is empty when he arrives.

Kid Flash is nowhere to be seen, but that means little. He's a fast little bitch after all. Jason can feel his jaw clenching. He thinks about the damage that this one single bratty kid has done to his teeth alone.

There's a note next to the phone that says 'if you don't kill someone tomorrow, I'll hug you for two minutes.'

He crumples it up and throws it away with a curse.

Jason is running water into the kettle for tea when there is a rush of air and a warm presence at his side, arms sneaking their way around his hips. Jason wonders why he doesn't grab the kid and kill him now. He could if he wanted to. He has the skills.

Maybe it has something to do with Bart's (pouting) eyes. Killing him would be like killing a baby bunny.

"Call Tim."

Jason almost chokes. "What? No!"

"Call him." Bart insists, licking along the shell of Jason's ear.

"Why? What would I say?"

Bart shrugs, the movement of his body causing him to rub all along Jason's side, "It doesn't matter. He still believes in you. He misses you."

Jason snorts. "He doesn't even know me."

"That's what you think."

Jason spins around. Maybe to hit Bart (he isn't ever sure if he wants to or not), maybe just to look him in the eye. But Bart has already latched onto his other side.

"I won't--"

"Call Tim and I'll give you a blow job."

"What?" What the hell kind of shoulder-angel is this?

"Call Tim." Bart says very, very slowly, "And I will suck your cock."

Jason picks up the phone. Bart drops to his knees.

Bart's got the button of his jeans open by the time he's finished dialing the area code. His zipper is sliding down with the first ring.


"Hi." He can feel the warmth of Bart's breath on his cock, through his boxers.

"Hello? Who is this?" There's a note of panic in the kid's voice that makes Jason feel all warm and giggly inside.

"Who do you think it is?" Bart shows his approval by mouthing Jason through the cotton of his boxers. Jason's breath shudders, he tries not to let Tim hear.

"Jason?" The kid is good.

"How's it going in Pretenderland?" He asks in his most cloyingly friendly voice. Bart nips him a little on the cock. A warning that makes Jason suppress a groan.

"I--" The kid sounds a little confused, "It's... Good?"

"Good." Jason isn't sure who's he's talking to anymore.

"I-- Um... Are you still evil?"

He can feel Bart's breath on the head of his cock. Small, teasing licks through the slit of his boxers.



Jason doesn't know what to say. There's an awkward pause while they both listen to each other breathe over the line.

Bart shows his disapproval by stopping.

"Fuck!" Jason protests, "I mean-- Look. I'm giving you the olive branch here."

Bart raises an eyebrow, and pulls out Jason's dick.


"I-- ahn. I'm not trying to kill you anymore, so you can relax your ass, and stuff."

His angel is, apparently, very pleased by this development. His slender fingers close around the base of Jason's cock as he slides tiny, tasting licks along the shaft.

"Oh." Tim says, "Well... okay, I guess. That's good to know?"

Bart's mouth slides hotly around the head of Jason's penis and stays there.

"Great." Jason says through his moan, "I'm glad we're all on the same page. Bye."


The phone is on the ground and Jason has his hand's buried in his angel's hair, pushing Bart down onto his cock and the speedster is swallowing him down. It's like heaven. No pun intended.

He's leaning against the kitchen counter when he comes, white in his vision and Bart's actual name on his tongue. He chokes the cry down, moaning instead as Bart swallows his come and keeps on swallowing.

It's amazing. Jason is reminded of why he hasn't figured out how to shoot the kid yet.

Somehow he manages to get undressed and into bed (he refuses to believe that Bart helped him) and he's falling asleep just as he notices that his conscience is crawling into the bed with him and cuddling up close.

It's surreal and weird and makes Jason feel just a little bit crazy(-er than he actually is), but it's also a little bit nice.

He's alone when he wakes the next afternoon. But there's a note on the bathroom mirror in a familiar, nearly intelligible, script which reads:

'Good Job! Remember not to kill anyone. If you give Nightwing a call tomorrow, I'll let you fuck me. XOXOXO.


on 2011-04-08 04:41 am (UTC)
ladyblackrose: (Batgirl)
Posted by [personal profile] ladyblackrose
Talk about positive motivation and I can so see Bart doing this. Loved this and ya know I've never considered pairing Jason and Bart before. I always thought that Jason and his lack of patience would kill the poor kid. I like the way your mind thinks.
Thank you for sharing and I hope you write the sex scene, (any sex scene), between the two one day.

on 2011-04-08 06:30 pm (UTC)
ladyblackrose: Wench Garb (Default)
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Hey, have you ever thought of pairing the DC Manwhore (Dick) with your little bicycle who coule cause that would be all kinds of awesome.

on 2011-04-09 08:32 pm (UTC)
ladyblackrose: Wench Garb (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] ladyblackrose
A) you are so right and it needs to be done
B) It does in my book and I am looking forward to that fic baby.
Hmmm need to so some Bart research. I've paired Nightwing with Spiderman before so Dick/Bart should just take a little work.